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Restoring the Taste of Tomatoes

Restoring the Taste of Tomatoes

It’s been only a month since our last visit to the greenhouses, but everything has changed. The grading shop has new imported equipment, and the first tomatoes are blossoming in the newly commissioned greenhouses. The main greenhouse is welcoming us with bunches of yellow, black, and red cherry tomatoes.

And here is Jeff Smits — the Chief Agriculturist of the greenhouse complex who came here from the Netherlands. A bit later we are joined by the CEO of Agro-Inwest — Aleksey Soshnikov.

As of today, Agro-Inwest complex includes two large greenhouses of 20 and 23 hectares. The company has started construction of the third part of its project with the area of 30 ha, which will include 25 ha of greenhouses and 5 ha of nursery beds. State-of-the-art nursery beds will allow for more efficient management of launches of certain produce and improve competitiveness of the company in the Russian market. Today the company is focused on growing and selling tomatoes on the vine because this ensures longer shelf life of tomatoes supplied to their partners. Thanks to great logistics solutions, the company is capable of supplying tomatoes to its customers within 2000 km. Besides, Agro-Inwest has its own technological tricks which allow to supply outlets with tomatoes that are already ripe. To improve flavour, they use illumination which provides energy required for ripening and growth, especially now, in wintertime. We asked the CEO a few questions.

15 march 2017