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Unique Philips Lighting project for Russian agricultural enterprises

The global leader in lighting — Philips Lighting — has announced the launch of a large-scale project of LED illumination in agriculture. Bright energy saving LED lights will illuminate more than 25 hectares, or 40 football fields, in Agro-Inwest greenhouses. This is the world largest project of LED illumination of an agricultural complex.

Unique Philips Lighting project for Russian agricultural enterprises

This technology will drive high yield throughout the year, which is especially important for winter. In addition, it will help cut lighting costs by 50% in comparison to the classic greenhouse illumination.

Over the next three months, our greenhouses in the Kaluga Region will be equipped with tens of thousands Philips GreenPower LED lights. If you put all of these LEDs in a line, they would take 223 kilometres!

“The future lies with LED lighting.It provides plants with the necessary light when and where needed,” explains Irina Meshkova, CEO of Agro-Inwest LLC. “This technology ensures better yield during the darker season and allows to significantly reduce energy consumption,” she adds.

“This is the world largest LED lighting farming project. It allows us to save up to 50% of the energy needed to light the greenhouses, and increase the yield by 30% in winter months”, comments Udo van Slooten, Director of Philips Horticultural Lighting, “our LEDs are the perfect complement to natural daylight to ensure the maximum productivity all year round. Besides ,this project emphasises the rising global trend of import substitution for fresh local products.”

26 june 2017