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Cultivation does not involve any biological risks, and production is sustainable and eco-friendly. These products don’t contain artificial additives, sugar, GMOs, or harmful chemicals.
“Kumato” cherry tomatoes
“Kumato” cherry tomatoes are healthy veges with a nice flavour. They’re good as a snack. You can also use them to make delicious tomato juice.These juicy dense tomatoes are perfect for salads, sandwiches, and decoration.
“Sunrise” cherry tomatoes
These small oblong tomatoes are very sweet and refreshing. Their pleasant scent makes them a blockbuster among tomato connoisseurs. Delicate, tempting, and juicy — this variety is perfect for salads and other dishes.
“Dionis” tomatoes
Beautiful red tomatoes of attractive plum-like shape. Great sweet flavour. Perfect for salads, juices, and tomato paste.
“Kumato” tomatoes
These tomatoes have an unusual greenish brown colour and an excellent flavour. They are sweeter than common red tomatoes. You should definitely try “Kumato”!
“Organza” tomatoes
Orange plum tomatoes. They’re juicy and sweet. Perfect as a snack.
“Dolce Vita” cherry tomatoes
These mini tomatoes are noted for their intense and sophisticated fresh fruity sweet flavour. They’re very healthy due to high concentration of lycopene in the pulp. Perfect for salads and as a snack.
“A-More” cherry tomatoes on the vine
These mini tomatoes have sweet and rich flavour. They’re perfect as a snack and for preservation.
“Mirabelle” cherry tomatoes
These yellow mini tomatoes are noted for their intense and sophisticated fresh fruity sweet flavour. They’re perfect as a snack and for salads.
“Bakinsky” short smooth-skinned cucumbers
Crunchy and delicious cocktail cucumbers. Perfect for salads and as a snack.
Slicing smooth-skinned cucumbers
Juicy smooth-skinned seedless cucumbers with a mild flavour. They’re perfect as a snack and as pickles.
“Mama Mia” tomatoes
Mama Mia, or Coeur de Boeuf ripen from the inside. They have a unique mellow taste and extraordinary appearance.
“Victory” tomatoes
Beautiful delicious tomatoes on the vine of rich red colour. They’re perfect for various dishes and salads.

Wholesale vegetables directly from manufacturer

Agro-Inwest is looking to cooperate with large and small enterprises of Moscow and the region. With Agro-Inwest LLC, you can easily buy wholesale cucumbers directly from the manufacturer in Moscow and arrange continuous supply of fresh tomatoes to your outlets at value prices. We have 43 hectares of modern high-tech greenhouses in a pristine area of the Kaluga Region. Our annual capacity exceeds 25,000 tons. We’re always ready to establish and expand cooperation.

Benefits and Safety of Fresh Vegetables

Today there aren’t any problems with purchasing wholesale tomatoes or providing your outlets with cucumbers. However, we all understand that in the pursuit of high yield, nice appearance, increased shelf life, and cheap prices, a lot of manufacturers use chemicals, prefer fast-growing varieties, have their facilities near cities to save on logistics expenses, etc. A lot of manufacturers do it, but not us.

Our key value is high nutrition of our vegetables. And we make a serious effort to preserve the benefits and favour of all-natural fresh vegetables, while modern solutions allow not only for higher yield but also for cost savings, which means that we can ensure that our prices always stay affordable for wholesalers and consumers.

  • Our greenhouse complex is located in a pristine area away from big cities;
  • We don’t use chemicals. Instead, we employ biological methods of plant protection against pests (special predatory insects ensure a reliable barrier);
  • Our vegetables are free from GMOs, sugar, and harmful chemicals;
  • Pollination is delegated to the most important employees — bumblebees;
  • We collect rainwater for irrigation!

Thanks to a range of special measures and innovative solutions, we can offer small wholesale juicy fresh vegetables at attractive prices.

Reliability and Bright Prospects

Today Agro-Inwest LLC is the fastest growing and modern greenhouse enterprise dealing with vegetables in Russia. The construction began in 2014, in 2015 we started selling vegetables, and already in 2016 we launched Moe Leto brand and doubled the plantation area.

We cultivate over 15 varieties of vegetables — from greenhouse to table. Our mission is to preserve and deliver benefits of fresh vegetables.

If you purchase small wholesale cucumbers and tomatoes in Moscow, you have found your truly reliable partner with great prices. Opt for a reliable partner, be sure in the prospects and offer your customers only premium quality!