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“Sunrise” cherry tomatoes

“Kumato” cherry tomatoes

“Kumato” cherry tomatoes
“Kumato” cherry tomatoes
“Kumato” cherry tomatoes

“Kumato” cherry tomatoes are healthy veges with a nice flavour. They’re good as a snack. You can also use them to make delicious tomato juice.These juicy dense tomatoes are perfect for salads, sandwiches, and decoration.

Extraordinary colour and extraordinary nutrition

Kumatos are black tomatoes. Their extraordinary colour — result of their unique properties — is great for sophisticated dishes. Substances that give Kumato tomatoes their dark colour is also responsible for tissue regeneration and can even inhibit reproduction of cancer cells. In addition, they contain much more vitamins (especially vitamin C) than classic red tomatoes.

Zest up your table

Kumato cherry tomatoes possess great taste qualities and delicate and aristocratic appearance. They are perfect for salads and will be a great complement to your main courses and snacks.

All qualities preserved

In addition to excellent consumer value, Kumato cherry tomatoes have a great appeal to sellers. They are easy to handle and resistant to high temperatures. Complemented by durable package, Moe Leto Kumatos will look on your table as if you’ve just picked them.

Wholesale Kumato cherry tomatoes in Moscow

You can buy cherry tomatoes directly from Agro-Invest We operate over 40 hectares of modern greenhouses located in a pristine area in the Kaluga Region. Every year we sell dozens of tonnes of fresh vegetables. We don’t use harmful chemicals or GMOs. Large volumes and high level of optimization of all processes help deliver premium quality produce at great prices.