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“Sunrise” cherry tomatoes

“Sunrise” cherry tomatoes
“Sunrise” cherry tomatoes
“Sunrise” cherry tomatoes

These small oblong tomatoes are very sweet and refreshing. Their pleasant scent makes them a blockbuster among tomato connoisseurs. Delicate, tempting, and juicy — this variety is perfect for salads and other dishes.

Buy “Sunrise” cherry tomatoes directly from manufacturer

Tons of tiny sweet tomatoes are ripening in “Agro-Inwest” greenhouses. Those are oblong “Sunrise” cherry tomatoes — a hit for decoration of festive dishes. This variety of cherry tomatoes is much loved by children. Sunrise tomatoes look splendid as dish decoration and is an essential ingredient in many specialty salads and a sophisticated complement in main dishes.

You can buy wholesale Sunrise cherry tomatoes in Moscow directly from Agro-Invest.

Fresh and splendid

“Moe Leto” Sunrise cherry tomatoes are supplied to wholesalers in convenient plastic glasses for retail sale. This way we provide consumers with perfectly fresh and juicy vegetables!

Like any other produce of our complex, Sunrise cherry tomatoes are free from GMOs, harmful chemicals, sugar, and other additives. This is all-natural produce grown in greenhouses of the Kaluga Region away from urban dust.

Premium quality at great prices

Modern high-tech farming solutions ensure relatively low cost of production. Thanks to this, we can maintain low wholesale prices for fresh tomatoes, while our partners can also fix advantageous conditions for consumers.

We are committed to provide each and every family with fresh and 100% natural Sunrise cherry tomatoes.