Innovation in the fruit and veg category for the Russian leading greenhouse farms Moe Leto: special equipment with tomato dispenses to boost the market


Moe Leto launched an unprecedented project for Russian retailers.

On June 18, in the "Dixy" store, located at 15, Khoroshevskoe highway, an unusual installation appeared - a rack with special tomato dispensers made by Moe Leto allows customers to make a mix of cherry tomatoes to their liking. The dispensers include tomatoes of the two most popular varieties, Sunrise red plum cherry and Sunlight yellow plum cherry, which are considered one of the sweetest and favorite among consumers.

The equipment with tomato dispensers presented in the store of the Dixy chain is unique for the Russian market. The idea of creating a module that includes dispensers and a TV panel, as well as a design for additional laying out of vegetables, belongs to the Moe Leto team. The dispensers that the company purchased from a Dutch manufacturer are designed specifically for tomatoes. The special technology ensures the preservation of the shape and taste of the fruit. The equipment has been successfully tested at own production in the Kaluga Region; the requirement for sanitary treatment was formed, which eliminates all possible risks in a pandemic situation.

The key idea of the project is to offer the buyer to choose the proportion of the mix of yellow and red cherry of his favorite varieties and to put them into a shaker or a package in the volume he wants. Sweet, fresh cherry tomatoes are ideal for those who follow the idea of a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition, as well as for those who watch their figure and take care of their immunity.

According to GFK, a quarter of consumer spending is on tomatoes and demand for cherry tomatoes is growing steadily: these types of tomatoes take third place in the consumer's wallet*.

"Our new project is aimed at developing the fruit and veg category, which is so important for the consumer and traffic-generating for networks. It creates an interactive and user-friendly environment for customers, and fully meets the current demand for contactless purchase of fresh vegetables. We are very grateful to our partners - Dixy Company - for support and joint implementation of the project. According to the results of the first days of the project, we note that our proposed approach to buying cherry tomatoes has aroused great interest among visitors to the store, and at the moment we are working on the possibility of scaling the project," - Alla Khusainova, Head of Marketing Department of "Moe Leto".

* - According to GfK Rus, Household Panel, Fresh Food (10 000 Households), March 2020

About the company

Moe Leto Business Group is one of the main producers of fresh vegetables and champignons in Russia. Every day, Moe Leto's greenhouse farms in the Tula and Kaluga regions produce over 300 tons of fresh vegetables. The products are presented in the largest federal networks across Russia. Moe Leto fresh vegetables and champignons are grown without using pesticides, collected at the peak of their ripeness and packaged in strict compliance with sanitary standards. Our growing and packaging processes observe the international quality standards GOST, FSSC 22000 and Global GAP, which guarantees the high quality and exceptional taste of our products. Our greenhouse and mushroom complexes always comply with strict sanitary control and alimentary safety requirements.

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