A word to the partners


Dear customers and partners!
The health and safety of our customers and employees are the main priorities of Moe Leto agricultural holding.

The Moe Leto group of companies is one of the agricultural enterprises that fulfill the important task of providing food to the country's population. Every day, Moe Leto's greenhouse farms in the Tula and Kaluga regions produce over 300 tons of fresh vegetables: tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, lettuce and mushrooms. Every day Moe Leto supplies fresh vegetables to big grocery chains as well as local grocery stores and wholesale distributors all over Russia.

Our greenhouses continue to work unchanged in such a difficult time, with special attention to the safety of employees and products in order to maintain the rhythmic supply of fresh vegetables and mushrooms to all federal networks at the same level.

We are proud to remind you that Moe Leto fresh vegetables are grown without using pesticides, collected at the peak of their ripeness and packaged in strict compliance with sanitary standards. Our growing and packaging processes observe the international quality standards FSSC 22000 and Global GAP, which guarantees the high quality and exceptional taste of our products.

Moe Leto greenhouse complexes always comply with strict sanitary control and alimentary safety requirements. Access to greenhouses and sorting shops is possible only for employees who have passed medical control and wear special clothing after processing with antiseptic agents, which meets the requirements of quarantine measures.

In accordance with the requirements of the legislation, regular sanitization of vehicles and additional disinfection of sorting and storage facilities are carried out.

Thank you for choosing our products and trusting us.

Always with you,
Vagif Bikulov,
General Director
Moe Leto Trading House

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